To get your money back:

1 – Contact your bank and file a complaint with them FIRST

2 – Contact the BBB and file a complaint against Inteliius


Use the following:

Business name: Intelius

Location: Bothell, WA 98041

3 – Contact the Washington state D.A office


Take the time to read this link: http://tinyurl.com/3h4x5gq

4 – Prepare a list of chain of events (when you used their services, charges date etc. in short be ready.

5 – Contact Intelius (425) 974-6100

The first level of operator is not capable of doing anything other than refunding the first 19.95

Ask for the supervisor to reach a higher level. State clearly what you want and tell the person you have filed complaints to both the BBB and the state D.A.

This is what I did. I got my money back PLUS the 99 cents that I did not dispute.

Good luck.


This works for most companies. You may want to do some internet research to find more about the problem you have, you certainly are not alone.

The complaint to a state atorney is extreme and justified only if you find MANY complaints over the same thing that involve $$$ or goods not as promised or never delivered. USE WITH CARE.

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Class action lawsuit. Someone should start it!


will not answer phone


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