Los Angeles, California

I have contacted intelius several times facts them my I.D. and contacted them personally.

I am a home care nurse and just finished a job. Background checks for obtaining a job is a must. They have my age as 70 years old and I am 41. It has affected me obtaining a currant job.

How I found out was I send resumes they do background check and usually call me. I wasn't geting calls so I e-mailed a patient to find out why she didn't hire me she said my background check was funky. Did a background check myself and found the 70 year old mistake contacted them and 4 weeks later still says I'm 70.

Please help the economy is so bad I'm about to lose everything. Thank You, LaDonn Vaughn

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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The same thing has happened to me and companies will do background checks no matter what. Intelius claims to be the World's Largest and most accurate public records source!


No, you should NOT have to put your age on your resume...uh....why do you think legislation exists to PREVENT age discrimination in employment?!! There is NO legitimate justification for Intelius putting your age out there in the first place!!!!


Simple solution, include your age on your resume.