These pond *** should be in prison. I just spent a lot of time and money to protect the sanctity of MY PERSONAL PRIVACY.

Like most Americans I VALUE my privay but *** like this company uses tracking cookies to make your life miserable. Every time you try to get some information on the net - *** like Intelius hacks you with pop ups that interrupt your train of thpught and privacy. They then DARE to call themselves business people. That are comon criminals whose liveilhood depends upon their ability to invade EVERYONE'S privacy!

These creeps belong in prison. I RISKED MY LIFE years ago in uniform of an Airborne Special operations commander to protect basic American freedoms. ONE of those cherished freedoms is freedom from invasion of privacy. MY computer is NOT a public toilet.

it does NOT belong to eveyone in the world and like my telephone - I have the right NOT to be spied on.

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I am a seasoned hacking. Starting rates 150$ per page.


Dude they can still ge through, are you the one with no brains. That is why it is called HACKING...HACKING..even when you block cookies and block ups..

Maybe he just didn't put his complaint in the right format. It can be you next...

Rutland, Vermont, United States #29576

Dude, just block the pop ups and cookies on your computer and don't complain about it again. Like you said you have the freedom of choosing to block or not to block pop ups and cookies.

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