This site is nothing but the perfect example of slime bag people particapating in fraud and theft. Fortunately all it took was just one employee to break and provide info.

to the wrong people. The battle now includes their names and locations. Word to the wise. Start looking over your sholder.

This problem is really an issue that concerns the search giant Google.

Because of the pressure to develope revenue Google has sold out and can no longer be trusted. But an internal google memo not yet disclosed publicly describes its users as "mostly idiots looking for direction" God bless

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They are a complete scam. They billed me for a service I never signed up for and charged my account 19.95 per month.

When I called their customer service person "Amy", who was clearly from India hung up on me three times. Feel free to call for yourself, Amy seems to be the only person answering the phone at 1-877-974-1563. I reported them to the BBB, Attorny General, and filed a fraud complaint with Visa and my bank.

I hope they are shut down. They provide no service that I am aware of.


got charged for signing up for 2 of their services when in fact i order only one. called costumer service and asked them to solve this issue,they told me that they wont refund my money back.scammers!!i wont ever touch their website again.


they defrauded me as well, I signed up for free trial, canceled after doing one search, guess what they said I signed up for two things and I even got charged for the free search, BEWARE of these people


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