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Hello everyone. As of right now i have been fighting with Intelius, the scam so many have heard of.

They are deceptive, manipulative, and whats more, are proud they made about 18 million dollars in a quarter last year. Im tired of it, so not only have i found Naveens personal blog(the founder of Intelius, which he is very prouc of by the way,) I thought it would be good for everyone to do a little posting on it if it has affected your life in one way or another. Please however, do not post any obscene manner, threats or otherwise on this mans site. Lets see how long he keeps it open until he cant take it anymore.

Starting date, 02/04/2011/ time, 2:37 p.m.

How will update this regulary until my personal site is up and running, with a counting timer. I will post when its ready.

Monetary Loss: $1006.

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I have finally received an email from intelius. It seems that if you push hard, and contact them on a daily routine.

They will give in. just let them know that you will dispute the charges until you get a refund. I was contacted today and they said they would have my refund in 5-7 days. We will see.

i sent a nasty email to the top three directors of the company, along with a nasty comment on the companys founders personal blog. Just ggole his name and do some searching, took me all nite but it was worth the outcome.


If you still need help, please call 888-445-2727 Monday to Friday from 5am to 8pm and Saturday from 6am to 4:30pm. We will be more than happy to assist you.


by the way me nor my wife had heard of this company till charges showed up on our bank statement wher do they collect thier info from how did they get my wifes email bank account these people are out there and will get your money if they really want it just a random ss number can strt a whole new life for them few years back i was contacted by a man and a woman on yahoo messanger wanting me to purchase things online with stolen credit card numbers i refused them blocked them from contacts and still they seem to send messages to me on yahoo how do they get around it who knows they want it just beware what sites you go to


by the way if they dont refund my wifes money to her account by the 16th of febuary 2011 her bank is refunding it then procceding to file federal charges againt intelius.


from what i gather on this company is that they offer to protect your information for an aditinal fee,then if you dont accept thier service they scam your bank account a few dollars this week few more the next week until you go to the gas station fill up your car and debit card is denied and you have no way to pay for the gas will those fined in that case be refunded just nice that my wife used to run that gas station and no charges were filed but these people are really going to cause people grief until they are stopped.

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