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I thought I was during a one time check on where a couple of old time friends were. Indeed, I got charged (to my credit card, of course) for two searches (both of with had out of date data) at $2.95 each.

But, I also got charged $19.95. I wrote off the charge as just another scam but when I found that others have complained about Intelius and I read the complaints I found out (from one of the complainers) that the $19.95 charge was a monthly charge and since Intelius has my credit card number the charge would be made every month. Of course I would have picked up the charge on my credit card bill but not until it had been charged again. I called Intelius and (hopefully) canceled the account.

When I complained about the non-clarity of the instructions on their website I was simply told "well, you approved the conditions of use". The end result (perhaps, unless another charge is made to my account) is that I paid almost $26 to look up two addresses/phone numbers that were apparently grossly outdated.

Be very careful if you use the services of Intelius.

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