Decatur, Georgia

Wow i wish i would have found this site before i used Intelius!!! They bring up the name your looking for and tell you they have recent numbers, work history, utilities etc etc.

you will know the drill. Then they ask if you wand the basic or the more expensive one, so i took the 6 dollar one it showed a few things and thats it. If i bought the $49.95 one i would get the whole thing plus more so i took that and OMG what a scam there are no dates no real answers, i swear i think they just put stuff in there,i called Intelius more than once to tell them there system was out of date and they kepp telling me the same old line, they must have a complaint sheet by them telling them what to say.

If anyone is going to use them plz read all reviews and please don't do it. going to leave a complaint on the bbb too.

Monetary Loss: $49.

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I just got screwed over by Intelius my self- what MF-ers! I called them too and OMG they gave me this *** line about how they aren't responsible for what info they can get their greedy little hands on.

What BS!

I got more information digging on my own... Please, if you read this, do pay them a PENNY or PESO!


Contact your state Attorney General and the Washington State Attorney General and file a complaint wishing all your monies returned, and if they caused an overdraft, ask for that too!