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i ordered a reverse phone number check on a single telephone number mainly because their advertisement claimed that they have the name, address and other details "AVAILABLE". but as soon as i paid with my credit card, i noticed that "AVAILABLE" quickly became "ASSISTED PHONE SEARCH IS REQUIRED" and i would actually have to wait 24-48 hours.

48 hours later, i called customer service and was told that it can actually take up to 72 hours. in the meantime i spent 15.55 mins of my time at 45 cents per minute on the phone to get this answer.

8 hours after i spoke with customer service, i noticed

an email from intelius with the heading "NEW REPORT AVAILABLE", but in it, it said that the requested information is "NOT AVAILABLE" and that my credit card has not been charged (as if i should be thankful for that). so whatever happened to their initial claim that the information for such and such number is "AVAILABLE"?

it is sickening that such a supposedly large online intel company can engage in such trickery.

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Pinedale, California, United States #14323

oh, i almost fell for that! Thanks for the warning.

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