Parkville, Maryland

I did a reverse phone number search and it would not pull up the name or address but it gave me a map of the area where the phone was billed. Intelius said it could guarantee the information (a name and address)to me or there would not be a charge.

I was charges $4.95 and received nothing but the same information. All I got was the county where the phone was billed. No name!

No address! When you do a search be careful because Intelius uses different web site names to throw you off that they are the actual company.

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beware, they will tag on a 19.95 charge for a subscription to your account too. i just contacted the BBB about this practice and demanded my money back.

had the same issue as you, though the info i got was not right at all for the number i looked up.

demanded my money back for both and have heard nothing back. so the BBB will have to take care of it for me.