I ordered a criminal records check for use in court; the person I requested the information about is currently in jail, and has been several other times over the last 8 years. Intelius makes this claim:

What is included in a Criminal Check?

A Criminal Report includes instant access to records of criminal convictions, felonies, misdemeanors, sex offenses and other criminal offenses associated with a name.

I ordered the report; there were zero results. I went online to the court website and found several of them, so I called Intelius and they told me they only promise to give the information THEY have available, so I asked if they basically scam people into paying and they don't have to ever give out any info because they don't bother to look it up, and she said that was right; they only promise to give you a report, not do any due diligence.

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The best thing to do when buying anything is read everything. Sometimes when people are in a rush they miss things and don't read notes on the account.

Its all there just have to read. And be nice to the call center people, they just take the calls not make up the web site or the rules.



If you could have gotting the info for free why pay for it?


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