So about a week ago, I ordered a ONE TIME report for $2.95 on Intelius.com and made sure to READ ALL FINE PRINT before giving going ahead with the order. This morning, I noticed that my account had a charge on it for $19.95 for an "IK9*PRIVACY MATTERS".

Of course, right off the bat I was pissed because I had no clue who the *** it was and didn't want to deal with my PAIN IN THE *** bank. So I decided to do a search on "IK9*PRIVACY MATTERS" and found this website with tons of information. I didn't go A-wall, but I did call them up. I told them what happened, that it was a WIDESPREAD known fact that they are doing this AND to refund my bank account RIGHT AWAY.

Like clock work, the person on the other end read what seemed to be a script, told me that this would be taken care of and to have a nice day. Anyone know if this can be reported to a federal agency?

The lady I spoke to was CLARIECE with PRIVACY MATTERS.

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Although Intelius is a reasonable search engine for $1.95, Intelius very deceitfully, in small print will enroll you in their ID Protection Program for $19.95 a month. If you do not scutinize your charge card statement they will continue to charge you $19.95 a month.

This identical thing happened to a Wells Fargo Bank employee who works in the charge card department and she has received numerous complaints about Intelius unauthorized billings to customer charge cards. So do not use Intelius but if you must then be sure to check your charge card statement monthly.

Dinteloord, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands #28656

They *** me too. But I'm about to *** THEM!

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