New Gloucester, Maine
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DO NOT ever buy any "products" from

I wanted to do a criminal record search on some *** that stole my identity. You find out ABOUT the record, but you can't view it's contents. They mislead you into thinking if you spend just a little more money, you've got it. Fat chance! All they do is tell you about more reports that you have to buy. They do not tell you anything, except that you have to buy into the next level of their scam. Their system is built up in layers. Every new type of info cost more money. They want you to buy the 50 dollar report, which I didn't do, but I ended up wasting 40 dollars anyway.

These people are *** artists. They are not a legitimate business.


Monetary Loss: $19.

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My checking account is in chaos because I spent $1.75 to check out someone's address w/Intelius. They have signed me up for products I didn't buy and are taking money out my account on weekends when I can't get ahold of anyone over the phone.

I have stopped my debit card and am considering changing banks. I have lost $150.00 so far.

I am on SSI and have only $220 a month after rent. So you see what they have done to my life.

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