Reston, Virginia

I paid for a reverse phone lookup, and did get it. then, I got off line. Now I see that I was charged $19.00 for Credit Card Protection, which I never agreed to or ok'd. I emailed them, they said they would "look it over" and get back to me, but haven't so far.

Now, I see that they are planning to charge me again, on September 30, 2008, I guess for another $19.00!! I again email them and told them I did not order this service nor was I interested

I have gone round and round with this company before and should have known better. I'll never use them again, and have warned my credit card company what is going on.

Best of luck to the rest of you. I am so angry!!!!!

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They are closed now but I can I cancel online now or do I have to wait till Monday.


They just did that to me!!!! I just paid the time charge of $5.95 and I just got charged yesterday for the 19.95 without my permission for was I aware that I was going to be charged for this!!!!


intelius did same thing to me


They did the same thing to me! I paid $1 to have them look up one phone number and they have charged my account for $19.95.

They do not pick up their customer service phone.

I am turning it over to my credit card company. Very, VERY annoying!!


It appears the same thing happened to me. I paid for a one time search and now have a monthly $19.95 charge for who knows what on my credit card. I wish I had checked this site before I used them.


Intelius did the same thing to me. You can suspend your account online.

I'm not sure if it's going to work to keep them from charging me again, but it's at least worth a shot.

Log in to the Intelius site, click on Manage Account in the top right corner, and then on My Intelius on the left side.

Click on Identity Theft Subscription and scroll down until you see something about suspending your service. It's at least worth a try.