Conway, South Carolina
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Intelius reverse cell phone lookup is a scam. They say records are found, but then once you pay, the name associated with the number is something useless like "washington cell".

Well duh, I already knew where I lived and that is was a cell. I purchased a 5 pack search and not ONE of the 9 numbers I needed was found. No refunds either. Called customer service and they just said basically too bad....thanks for your contribution.

Do not waste you money with this company. They make you think that they have the info you need, knowing that someone is in a situation to need it (myself with a runaway child that I am trying to find) and they just *** and dont care.

Monetary Loss: $24.

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If you DO NOT get a first AND last name your money will be refunded BUT you have to call them. They will offer you a free replacement report - the reps have to or they could lose their job. If you do not get a first and last name and you want your money back call them and tell them they will refund you