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"You can cancel your membership at anytime.

1. Simply sign into your account by clicking the "Sign In - My Intelius" link and enter your email address and password.

2. From the Services tab, click the "Details" button for your People Search Membership.

3. Under "Manage Service", click the "Cancel My Service" button to cancel your service.

This does not exist on the web site. You have to phone to cancel, good luck getting a hold of anyone! This company is a rip off. I subscribe for a one time check and didn't realize they were debiting my CC every month.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Class Action Law sue I'm gonna do.


When I try to log into my account to cancel the trial before the trial was ended, it immediately takes me to a page to authorize a 19.95 monthly charge on my credit card. I used a Chime card to set up my trial.

That let me add the exact amount on the chime card and used the service for $7.95 for the 7 day trial period, but made sure that was the only amount on the card.. They are trying to bill be 19.95 multiple times, but the Chime card continues to decline them.. I love you Chime.. Now I will have the card replaced with a new card..

Problem solved..

Take that Intelius. Great service, but is a scam.


Same thing happened to me. Their web page is set up so that leaving the page automatically signs you up. I cancelled but still getting billed.


First I want to say thank u very much for the web page, I found who I was looking for now I want to unsubscribe my membership n get my refund Back ,thanks so much Deelishis


The same happened to me, in Australia. I could have found the same information on the white pages of the telephone book.

I had to cancel my credit card to stop the charges.


It turns out that Intelius need to keep my name, address, credit card number and more on file for auditing purposes. As an international person who did not even use the site, this is disgusting.

I would not recommend this website to anybody. The person who I spoke to on the phone was so bound by her contract that she could not give me any information, or even refer me to anybody in a higher role than her.

Terrible, terrible. This website has my information, which I am unable to remove, and I am NOT HAPPY about it.


I'm wondering how I get hold of them as I live in New Zealand and signed up, they have my credit cards details and the works... I got the impression that it would be a piece of cake to find a relative, it declined my card for no good reason, and now i can't remove my details. This site is a scam.


I followed Steph's advice and called (877) 974-1563. Then, when the first person i spoke with said that she was only able to cancel the subscription and the one pending charge, i spoke with a supervisor who refunded the unwanted charges.

#324903 find page to cancel intelius/47842093.


Not Satisfied with Content.


Call (877) 974-1563 to cancel and access to speak to a supervisor if they refuse to give you more than one month of refund.


I didn't realize until this month that I've been debited since last January. I am so glad that I saw your posting.

I was able to cancel my membership...

I made sure to do a print screen so I have a copy. Have they stopped charging you?