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I got a email from Intellius telling me there were things posted about me that would shock me. I paid $1.99 for my report Nothing iincriminating but a lot of wrong iinfo.

Then my credit card charged $99.00. After calling them every name under the sun they offered me a 50.00 refund. Keep the money because this is only one of many many reviews about this thieving, lying company I will write.They said I did not read the fine print.

I was pissed that they just took me for $1.99. LOST my internet connection because of my lousy cable provider AT&T.There was a pending charge which I asked my bank to dispute 6 days later when I got internet back they had put the $99.00 charge through.

Monetary Loss: $99.

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New York, New York, United States #1263616

I agree with you Intelius did something similar to me they are no good thieves

Seattle, Washington, United States #840445

We apologize for any confusion arising from the use of our service and would like the opportunity to assist you.

Intelius is an internet based company.

We collect and compile public records and publicly available information. We offer services like background checks, people searches, and phone look-ups.

Intelius offers a variety of services during the purchase process. The majority of our memberships are activated through either the acceptance of discounted pricing for individual reports, or through the acceptance of a full page offer advertised just prior to viewing the report.

All of our offers describe the specifics of the service, including billing. Additionally, all of our services are non-contractual so there is no obligation to continue using the service.

We apologize for any inconveniences that you have incurred.

If you still need assistance, please visit the contact us page on the Intelius website for a variety of options to contact Customer Care.

We value your feedback and look forward to hearing from you.

Ellicott City, Maryland, United States #839879

Sounds similar to what I just experienced with instant I called them, said they could not give me a refund, I talked to my credit card company and then I called them back, and they offered me a 50% refund.

When I demanded to speak to a manager, they said they would issue a 100% refund, but I do not trust them. I will be logging into my credit card website every other day to see if any charges come up.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #839501

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