Frankton, Indiana

I bought a $49.95 report on myself from Intelius. They did not produce records they claimed would be in the report and the info was incorrect.

The info was wrong. They had me living in states I had never visited. Vital true info was missing. They listed relatives I don't know. The phone numbers were wrong. They must have made them up. There was very little correct information. They even gave me an alias.

They claim no responsibility, won't repair, no refund.

It could be disastrous to job hunting.

Intelius is a scam. Don't use Intelius.

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I searched myself on Intelius only to find I am related to so many people I do not know. I wrote to Intelius asking them to disclose the relationship of these people to me; as my parents did let me know of these people and they seem to have better knowledge than my parents.

This is their response….

"Hello Millicen., Thank you for contacting Customer Support! Unfortunately, we are unable to provide the exact source of the public record. Intelius is only an aggregator of public records. Local, state and federal agencies make updates to public records.

You would need to contact them directly to see if they can provide the source of this public record information. The information can come from marketing surveys, land deeds, catalog purchases, voter registrations, lawsuit filings, court records, magazine subscriptions, and address changes.

Thank you, Noah Customer Support."

This Intelius is a fraud posting incorrect information. Because of this I’m flooded with junk mail for these individual I do not know.


Hope this helps.

'In order for Intelius to 'opt out' your public information from being viewable on the Intelius website, we need to verify your identity and require faxed proof of identity. Proof of identity can be a State issued ID card or Driver's License, cross out the photo and the drivers license number. We only need to see the name, address, and date of birth. Please fax to 425-974-6194 and allow 4 to 6 weeks to process your request.'

I googled my name and almost fell off my chair. Then and there I made a vow of going off the grid in 2011.

Intelius was the worst by far of having more mis-information than correct.

Such an invasion of privacy. Now I have a PO Box with another name that I use when I'm ordering on-line and another email address and name when I am on forums.

It's cyber-stalking.


Intellius has worng info on me.

They provide fax number to send evidence of correct info..but then when try to fax..a messsage comes up that they are NOT RECIEVING FAX !

I am calling the BBB.

They comitted the ultimate sin by listing ex-husband's new wife as one of my relatives !!!!


also have much incorrect information being given out they wont fix maybe we should banned to gether and file suit


The same thing happened to me. According to intelius I am a fifty six year old Texan with seven DUI's under my belt. I just hope that employers don't use these jerks.


I didn't pay Intellius anything but just looked up my name on their website and in the relatives column they have some guy listed I never heard of. I panicked at first, thinking it was some identity theft going on, but a search of the social security death records site showed this guy died in I guess I am OK.

I am glad to read Intellius has bad info so it is most likely a glitch of some sort. I checked similar sites and that guy does not show up in their relatives column.


Same problem here. There are a few facts I know about a specific person that are true, and the ones that showed here weren't true.

Plus it was intermingled with someone totally different.

The same data here, you can get elsewhere. I highly don't recommend anyone to use Intelius.


The best thing to do when buying anything is read everything. Sometimes when people are in a rush they miss things and don't read notes on the account. Its all there just have to read