I wanted to have Intelius take all of my information off all of their sites. I went into the "contact us" catagory and was informed that I would have to fax a copy of my driver's license (making sure to blank out all the information and the picture -- all they needed was verification of my name and address).

The number listed on the site NOT a fax number....425-974-6194. I rechecked the number and redialed, but the number just rings.

Any suggestions? They also say to send a certified letter if you're not comfortable with faxing, but provided no address.

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These people are way to hard to get a hold of. If you can find a number on the site (it is buried deep in the pages) they keep you on hold for 45 min or more, the message actually says be prepared to be on hold for AT LEAST 20 min....you can try e-mailing them about your situation but I doubt they will get back to you.

Good Luck, Intelius SUCKS


I would never give these people any personal information. They are the biggest bunch of successful scammers I have ever dealt with. They steal millions from their unsuspecting customers I would be very careful giving them information and by NO means ever give them a credit card number.

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