Intelius scammed me too. I thought I was buying a one-time thing and they charged my bank account for all kinds of things I didn't agree to and gave my card number to companys i never heard of.

I know I was lied to because I always take care to read every thing before I give out my information. They are misleading people and they will give out your bank information to other companies! The co-founder and ceo of intelius is Jain Naveen and Intelius top executives John Arnold, Kevin Marcus and Chandan Chauhan.

Intelius its self made 88 million in 2007. Majors charges should be brought against this company.

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Yeah and i was gonna invest my money into this to find my "BABY MOMMA" but i'm glad i ran across this page first, thanx guys P.S. if yall hear about a company such as this that wont rip you off e mail me.


Intelius offers a special price if customers agree to try our Identity Protect service for a 7 day trial. You can cancel anytime, online or over the phone at 888-445-2727. After the trial, the service is $19.95 a month until canceled.


Being a retired police detective and now a private investigator, I was hard by this company too. They are a scam and a rip off and will charge you credit card with service you never authorizes. If you have been scammed by the company, conatct your attorney general and the BBB.

This company is corrupt and dishonest! They should be closed down immediately!

I just became aware of fraudulent charges to my debit card tonight, and after checking out my credit card as well to see if I had problems there, I discovered a second, unapproved charge from Intelius. I have figured out that the "identity theft protection" service that I thought I was very careful to decline when I made my original ninety-nine cent purchase from Intelius (to get info for a lost dog I had found), is now kicking in at a twenty dollar a month charge.

This sent up the red flag for me that the bizarre internet company charges that were fraudulent on my DEBIT card were probably originating from these criminal bastards. Yeah, they monitor your card info so good they steal it and give it to other companies to suck money out of your bank account. Lovely.

Ready to join the class action suit. So, if you are complaining about Intelius charges on your card, check your OTHER cards NOW!!!

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