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Let me start by saying that Intelius has some of the worst customer service I have ever experienced and I find their general approach to be confusing and unethical.

Intelius is guilty of bait and switch in my opinion for claiming to offer “Home & Value Details,” and then attempting to upsell the actual details. Worse, their dubious criminal records check made me think that a prospective tenant had a criminal record when in fact the person with the criminal record was an unrelated individual.

Finally, their customer service showed zero respect or empathy and simply repeated “we don’t do refunds” like a mantra and didn’t even seem to understand (nor care) about the problems I was having.

I documented the entire thing at http://www.driftreality.com/intelius-review/ - if you agree then please share the review.

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I wish I'd found this site before spending $50 for nothing. All of the information was either incorrect or VERY outdated.

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