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For all folks who have charges from Int*intelius

Contact your bank, ask to have the charge reversed.

File a complaint with the BBB

WA GA lawsuit:

Call the company to reverse charges or stop them to charge again. Phone: (425) 974-6100 E-mail or snail mail with registration @ 500 108th Ave NE - Bellevue, WA 98004

Contact the local DA office and file a criminal complaint there 516 3rd Avenue - Seattle - WA 98104 (206) 296-9000

Note they tried to *** with me, now I *** with them.

Disseminate this info on all the forums related to this company.

Thank you.

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I was caught in the scam, too. Thanks for the info on the settlement!

I also found the original complaint and read it. Other notes indicated that the first person you talk with would cancel the $19.95/mo ID protection and refund one month. Escalate to a supervisor and they would refund 2 months. They have apparently changed their attitude a bit after the law suit.

I got the customer service phone number from the Intelius website and called. The first guy offered to cancel and refund one month. The supervisor immediately offered to refund all 3 months of charges without my having to ask. I complained that the phone number lookup did not give me any useful information.

(I had opted for the $5.99 price without the "free ID protection" offer.) He checked and saw that there was no owner name provided, then said he would also refund that. I didn't even have to reference the settlement order, but I had it ready when I called. Surprisingly, they were at least courteous. Now we'll see if the credits show up on my credit card account.

If not, I'll call the card company and get them to reverse the charges. You can do that if you have a good case, you've tried to resolve it and got no results.

NOTE: Use a CREDIT card, not a DEBIT card. That gives you a lot more protection!


They charged me $19.95 too! I called my bank and they promptly removed the charge but I will definitely file all the complaints possible, this is ridiculous.



The only way to deal with them is to make complaints at the WA BBB. Use their form on line. I have had answer from them this way.

Search for

Business: Intelius Inc

Location: Bothell, WA 98041

The BBB will contact you, giving you a login to follow your complaint.

As stated before I had my bank block the charges and refund me. I also contacted the company directly, got my money back, INCLUDING the 99 cents.

I have placed a complaint with the WA DA office, on line too. This office will send you a case number. So far I have not received anything from them but I did not expect to. They move only when they have a significant number of complaints, I guess.

When calling the company refuse to speak to the 'peons' that block you. Ask for a supervisor directly. Be assertive, informed (have all the references ready, just in case. Do not hesitate to inform them that your complaint will be also at the BBB and the WA D.A. office, for non respect of their plea bargain with them.

This site does not allow links but if you copy and paste the link I posted above you wil have a full disclosure of the lawsuit that took place against them.


I have asked for 3 months this company to stop taking $19.95 out of my bank account. Nothing is being done.

Would someone check into this company for me.