Researching my name, I found incorrect information on the INTELIUS website. I contacted customer service and inquired about correcting the matter.

Even though they input the information on their website, the claim is that they CANNOT change what they have posted, and that I should contact the agencies from whom they acquire the data. Who are they? Of course, they aren't sure or don't know. Needless to say, in addition to listing an incorrect spelling of my name, they also have me linked, as a family member, to people I don't even know.

Having the same last name does not mean people are related.

Needless to say, since they chose not to make corrections, then I have to believe that the site is unreliable and should not be used as a primary source of background check information. Look for a more accurate and reliable source before spending your money.

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Three people I never heard of associated with me? Only one of which had the same last name.


I too have the same problem. Grandpa listed as husband

misspelled names of children and ages. Very wrong!!!

Tecumseh, Kansas, United States #1192467

They have my husband and myself living in towns we never have lived. Phone numbers in cities we have never had and never heard let alone know some of our relatives they associate us with.

Totally worthless website. Not reliable AT ALL!!!!!

Van Nuys, California, United States #1187593

They connected me to someone with a different last name to whom I am also not related. Now my wife thinks that I have been married before.

This site is a scourge and should be sued for class-action libel.

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1179038

they say I have an "alias" when I don't. I hate the "data broker" industry


I just reviewed my information, also, and most of the information is incorrect.


I found this to be correct as well. My info is incorrect as well. I would not spend my money here either.


They also list wrong info for me as well and they refused to correct it. They show someone as being related to me, whom I never even met.

I found out that the man was someone who lived at my OLD address that died 7 years ago, but now he and his widow are magically related to us and have the same addresses I have lived at in the last 7 years.

Now I get junk mail for both of them. WTF?


They have incorrect information for me as well. They have my husband and father-in-law intermingled.

Yes, they have the same name, however, different places they've lived in, different jobs AND my father-in-law passed away 14 years ago.

They also have my daughter's EX mother-in-law listed as one of my relatives. I can't stand the woman and she's NOT related to me.

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1019309

I have not even lived at certain addresses and email information is wrong. They are fake!


Same with me. Lists an alias that I have never used, 2 cities I have never lived in, and numerous people as relatives that I do not even know.


Same with me. Incorrect info on where I studied and worked.

It's insulting, as it got it wrong for a much smaller state university with the same state name.


Waukesha, Wisconsin, United States #874892

I called customer service today regarding an alias they have listed for me in a state I've never lived in. My Information was removed without much hastle.

Big Data is seriously something else & Intelius simply publishes whatever information is out there. I'm glad they're willing to remove the incorrect listings.

South Eliot, Maine, United States #775174

This company's database is a mess. I work in the IT field as a contractor and am required to be bonded for each job.

This requires a background check. I have contacted Intelius in the past about an incorrect address in NC associated with my name but they will not delete it, claiming it is someone else's mistake. My background check includes another persons record. Recently I did an inquiry on my name and now have 3 cities, where I have never resided, in Ohio added.

That means someone with the same name resides there and will also be included.

Dallas, Texas, United States #738727

Intelius has posted flat out inaccurate information on me. They have wrong addresses, wrong relatives, etc. This company needs to be held accountable.


I also have incorrect information about my self on this site. It has an email that has never belonged to me nor do i know the other person of the email which is probably the person who created it.

Someone is using my name and address with an email that does not belong to me. Intellius has my name and address as owner of this email that is not mine!

Now say this person who does own the email is pretending to be me obviously its my name,is writing things on the internet that is fraudulent.What am i suppose to do. After all your site is the one that published this incorrect info,why do I have to do anything to correct your mistake?


I had the same experience. They show me related to people I don't know and living in places I have never been. They are not reliable and I would not waste my money with any searches on them.

Monroe, Washington, United States #594406

We apologize for any inconvenience arising from the content of our search results and would like the opportunity to assist you.

Intelius solely collects and compiles the public records and publicly available information. Local, state and federal agencies make updates to public records. The information can come from sources such as: marketing surveys, land deeds, catalog purchases, voter registrations, lawsuit filings, court records, magazine subscriptions, and address changes.

For additional information on our public records database, including opt-out request submission, please visit Intelius’ Privacy Policy at www.intelius.com/privacy.php.

You may also visit the contact us page on the Intelius website for a variety of options to contact Customer Care.


We value your feedback and look forward to hearing from you.

to InteliusCustomer__Support #1064905

I get erroneous debt collection calls for someone who has been linked to me on this site, despite no contact other than the most coincidental, living within a same city. Incorrect public information is a nuisance and possibly dangerous.

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