I used intelius.com to look for old classmates for my high school reunion. Two days after I signed up with intelius, I received a charge from Valuemax123.com.

On my credit card statement the merchant name is listed as Valmax. They have been charging me $24.95 for the past 4 months, but I have finally caught on. I don't know what service this "company" provides, but according to their customer service rep., when I signed up for Intelius I filled out a survey that automatically enrolled me in Valuemax's monthly billing scam. That is a blatent lie.

I have never filled out an online survey in my life. I have reported this scam to the Department of Justice's internet fraud division and I encourage others who have been scammed to do the same.

Monetary Loss: $99.

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I did a people finder search and paid the 24hour access fee. I almost clicked the Giant Yellow "YES" button to enroll in their other offer, but I looked at it very carefully and saw that it was to enroll in more services.

The "no thanks take me to my report button" is some itty bitty plain font link underneath the Giant YES button. Today, I just got a call from Intellis to "thank me" for enrolling and to tell me they will be sending me 50.00 in Gas Cards and a package from ValueMax will arrive in the mail, I have 14 days to accept/reject or I will be charged 24.95 per month yadda yadda... Now, I speak perfectly good English and have decent hearing and I had the most difficult time getting this guy to slow down and explain just what it is he was "thanking me" with.. I told him NOT to charge my credit card ANYTHING else, I dont want any other service, I do not want to be OPTED IN, I dont want "ValueMax" membership..

I clicked NO THANKS when I signed up.. he kept reading off the script and telling me I was getting this gift and I had 14 days to review the contents and OPT OUT.. FREAKING A... I told them NO...


but they are doing it anyway... 800 475-1942 is the number I was given to cancel a membership I said I didnt want.

I called up VALMAX- 888-241-0049 and threatened to sue them. I told them I called the BBB and my Attorney General, as well as MY attorney, and they immediately credited me $307.30 that they sneekily took out of my account.

I suggest you guys all do the same!

It worked for me! :) I JUST DID IT NOW!

I just noticed the valmax charge on my debit card today. i called my bank to see what it was and they told me it had been a reoccurring charge for almost a year!

i am outraged!

when she called valuemax, they said when i went to PeopleLookup.com (which I had done to do a background check) I agreed to this service. Now out almost $300 later, this company has my money and I am pissed off!


To the Intelius Customer Support and to samanthanferguson(who sounds like they work for Intelius or ValueMax) if it wasn't a scam I don't think you would be hearing about so many people that are being inadvertently charged for something that they are not aware of. But Intelius and ValueMax are enjoying the $19.95 charges that they are billing unknown customers! They are scammers plan and simple!


I will be writing a letter to the Oregon AG's office asking that this company be prohibited from doing business in Oregon due to deceptive trade practices. I urge others to do the same in you state.


I used the service from Intelius to find genealogy information in Washington State.

Intelius charged me on my MasterCard $14.99.

Underneath that charge was a charge for ValueMax, which was an unauthorized charge. I have know idea who ValueMax was and I never signed up for their service. I do not even know what they do.

I cannot find an address for them but I do have a phone number 1-888-205-2257 which Intelius provided me. (Do not give them your credit card number)

I also went on the internet and typed in Intelius/ValueMax123 scam and I wish I had read that first.

Other people like me were getting ripped off from ValueMax and they all seemed to have used Intelius first for various services. (Intelius advertises as a people finder, reverse phone numbers, etc.)

I went on the Oregon State Attorney General web sight (I live in Oregon) and filed a complaint with them also against ValueMax. All the charges total for ValueMax were $291.30 on my Keybank Mastercard.

When I spoke to Quinton at ValueMax he told me he would cancel my membership and refund $23.95 on my next bill. The exact words stated in his ValueMax Fefund Confirmation for Membership (e-mail) were:

“Please note that you will see your refund on one of you next two statement, depending on your billing cycle.”

I want to reiterate that ValueMax cancelled my membership, which I did not sign up for.

Finally after about three months of fighting, filing a complaint with the Oregon Attorney General's Office, and filling out a fraud complaint with Mastercard, I got all of my money back. ($291.00 was about a year's charges)

Intelius told me: “Customers are presented with the options to either accept the offer by entering their email address twice, or to decline by clicking”No, Show My Report” In this case, it appeared as though an email address was entered twice and the offer from Valuemax was accepted.”

Never did I sign up for this service, I did not enter my e-mail twice. Intelius and ValueMax seem to be working together as some sort of scam.

Good luck getting your money back. Contact your attorney general and the bank card that holds the charges and fill out the paper work. I know it doesn't seem right that you have to do all this work for something you never signed up for, but it worked for me


Intelius steal your money illegally. Than it convert that illegal money into a legal one by calling it advertisement.

To make the problem worse, they also pay Google some of your money to keep the scheme going. As a result, Google keep on directing people to Intelius.

Intelius than use Valmax to cheat the people. The money than go back to Intelius and Google and we have a complete cycle.


Varamax is a scammer and they were charging my husband.......it's funny that the company still exsits when they're scamming on people!!! He never signed up with or for varamx....someone needs to sue them and put them SCAMMERS out!!


Okay you signed up for some reason or another but are pissed when you see a charge on your account a month later for 19.95. When it clearly says before you continue and i quote:

People Search Report

Includes all 3 Records for Sam Ferh in Clayton, NC.

Report includes when available:

Full Name Address

Age & DOB Phone Number

Relatives Address History

Avg. Income Home Value

Identity Protect Benefits

Identity Protect Includes:

* Monthly Credit Reports

* 24/7 Recovery Services

* Credit Monitoring

* Email Alerts

* Internet Scanning

* $25,000 Identity Theft Insurance

* 10% Off All Intelius Purchases

* Public Records Monitoring

* Real Time ID Theft Risk Score

* Much More

Offer Details:

Click "Continue" button to accept this special offer price and activate your trial membership to take advantage of the great benefits that Identity Protect has to offer. The membership fee of $19.95 per month will be charged/debited by Intelius.com to the credit/debit card you use today with Intelius.com after the 7-day trial. Special Offer only available to Non Identity Protect Customer. You may cancel anytime by calling (877) 974-1563 or visiting the "My Intelius" section of the Intelius.com website.

Additional Offer & Benefit Details | Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy


It sounds like you have accepted a third party company’s offer that is advertised on the Intelius website. If you no longer wish to be enrolled in that third party company’s service, please call 888-445-2727 Monday – Friday 4:30am – 10:00pm PST. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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