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IDProtect ID Protect Intellius

I had the same charge - .99 for a report, then a week later, ID Protect charge of $20+/-.

Reputable internet businesses do not convolute their customers web experience with unasked for services with auto-renewal fees. That is poor business practice.

I went into their system and canceled the renewal, then an ad popped up to continue at a lower price. I idd not take the offer (or what I thought was not taking it). Then I check my email and I have a message thanking me for renewing. So, back I went to go through the process again.

Additionally, Intellius bury the ability for you to cancel under links and links. If you're reputable, you put your best foot forward and hope your customer likes what they experience enough to return.

Unfortunately, I will never use Intellius again. They have lost my trust.

I am posting the detail of the charge so others searching for it will know what it is:


Monetary Loss: $21.

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I just checked my banking account ,and found 19.95 taken out from this ID protection *** and I have no idea why or what to do!!!!!!