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I contacted Intelius in January 2010 about a one time only search for a potential employee. I was told there would be a one time fee and I declined their offer of a one year membership.

I have just learned from our bookkeeper that they have been billing us monthly. I contacted them and was given the most BS and illogical response I have ever heard about why I have been ripped off.

I demanded that the billing cease and want to warn others. I was very specific in my initial contact that I wanted a one time only search.

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Similar experience. I used this service to pull out property report (which I added to my shopping cart), thereafter a page popped up asking to enter the e-mail id, which I did with the impression that the report will be delivered via e-mail.

To my surprise, this entering e-mail id is taken as implicit acceptance of membership and recurrent charge of $ 19.95. These bastards are really cheat!