They have a secret thing that you don't realize you are buying but you get charged monthly for the service. I cancelled my FREE account and got charged $19.95...yup i was pissed as *** but it's my fault for not doing much research on this site.

(AND HOLY GOD does this website have so many bad reviews). ANyway continuing, i got charged didn't worry about it after it said, CANCELLED in big huge obvious letters and i moved on. Recently i than went on to my bank statements online and saw i was charged another freaking $19.95...now i was confused. I had already supposedly CANCELLED their services so why the *** are they charging me?

I visit the website and realized it had a tag-along item that charges you a monthly charge of..yup...$19.95. I went on and apparently it "monitors" your credit, ***. I called to cancel and they said it was offficially cancelled. And than i went on to the website and cancelled for sure sure.

Even got an email and what do i find the next month, i'm charged ANOTHER $19.95. I'm beyond frustrated. Obviously they do. not.

speak. english...because i repeated and sent emails. i cancelled through the website and through phone and STILL nothing worked. I even emailed them and Nope they didn't freaking cancel.

I'm beyond frustrated. What i ended up doing was cancelling my BANK account and ordering a new check/debit card, a new check book, a new account number, i had to set up all my auto bill pay AGAIN. And i had to notify my investment bank and my other banks of a change (i transfer my money to my savings etc) i had to set up a new "link" to all the people i usually transfer money too. It was beyond Frustrating.

This service is ***. It gives you information you can get FREE. And after that if you want a report you have to PAY MORE for it. I don;t know how much intelius pay for these fake "positive" reviews but you can bet they can afford it, the amount they scam people is unbelievable.

You'll notice Registration and Signing up is 5 stars!

Its because its easy as ***...its just when you cancel that they give you ***. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE> ITS HORRIBLE>

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