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I went to Zabasearch and they couldn't find my request. I was linked to Intelius.

Ran my search selected NOT to open an account with recurring charges and even called in afterward to verify. I looked at my account online today & sure enough thew whacked me for $9.95 for the report, that had old incorrect information, and another charge of $19,95. I called customer service and some very rude bitc* told me that they were crediting that back to my account. We shall see.........

If anyone has information on a class action suit against these scammers I'm in.

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I'm not going to say they stole $19.95 from me (twice) because it may be partly due to my naivete, or not paying sufficient attention.

I used the service to look up a phone number or email. Cost was to be $5.90. The information I got turned out to be outdated.

I was billed for the $5.90, then billed $19.95, for something. A week later I was bille again $19.95.

I called Customer Service and spoke to a nice person who tried to explain that I had apparently signed up for two services @ 19.95 each. I don't know yet what exactly thery were, and especially don't know how I signed up for them. The more it was explained to me, the less I knew.

I was promised they would not use my credit card again, and I'll let it go at that, though I'm wary. I'm just out $46 or so.


If you select a promotional price on the Intelius website, you will also receive a free 7 day trial of Identity Protect. After the 7 day trial, it will convert to a regular subscription and bill out at $19.95 monthly.

However, there’s no obligation. If you determine within the 7 day trial that you no longer want Identity Protect, you can cancel your service anytime, online or over the phone with a customer support representative.

Please call 888-445-2727 Monday – Friday 4:30am – 10:00pm PST. We will be more than happy to assist you with your account.


How'd they get your credit card information if you didn't give it to them?

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