I did not authorize Intelius to debit my account for over $20...I authorized a .95 debit ONLY from PEOPLE SEARCH. This is on-line theft that I will dispute with my bank, as well as the State Attorney Generals Office.

I cannot believe that my account information has been compromised in this way. I will never fall for a scam like this again.

I was simply looking for an out-of-state phone number that I could have gotten some other way alot cheaper, WITHOUT compromising my Banking information! This is false as well as I believe, criminal behavior.

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This company has been debiting my account since october without permission. How do they get away with that?


What a fool I was to trust intelius with my

account info before checking online to see if others had been ripped off. I requested a search for details on a phone # and they charged me for other services.

I have contacted the State Attorney Generals office. Reminds me of the criminals in Washington D.C!

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