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I am a senior and believe I have been used for several years by your company. I was trying to wipe out of lot of stuff on my computer and came upon a long list of emails for Intelius .

All of them seem to have been taking money out of my capital accounts. I have not communicated with Intelius in that last 20-40 years!

However when I discovered your continued invasion on my emails last night, I decided to send a formal complaint to the government as they advised. ( had I not decided to clean out my iPhone, this could have gone on until my death.

I am demanding a document from your company that lists the number of documents you have emailed to me up to this year and the amount of money that Intelius has subtracted from my banking and other accounts that are in my name. I also request reimbursement for those unauthorized deposit from my accounts to yours.

I have been surviving on my pension for quite some time and to find out that Intelius is benefiting from the income of a 72 year old senior (soon to be 73) is both shocking and Illegal. I see that you want copies of my receipts and I would be willing to copy all of them and send them to Intelius when they respond directly to me and I know that I am not being hacked and have actually connected with a real Intelius representative.

I look forward to your response A. Cannon (formerly Wiggins)

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I hope you sent the same letter (minus a few irrelevant details) to the company and served it via Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested. This is simply a forum for unhappy people and in no way connects you to the company in question.