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Several months ago I did a .99 cent phone number look-up. Website was misleading or downright deceptive because somehow I got signed up for some identity protection scam and have recently noticed that $19.95 has been deducted from my bank account for each of the last three months.

I called this morning and got one payment credited back to my account, then spoke with a supervisor and got another one. They said they could not go back over 60 days to refund the 3rd payment so I called back and got another supervisor and told them I had already been in contact with the Washington state attorney general. It worked!

She promptly said she would refund the other payment. Apparently they have some reason to fear the attorney general.

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I'm going through this now! An account was opened without my creating it & when I saw the first charge a month ago, I emailed and called Intelius advising this was not an account I created & I wanted it cancelled AND REQUESTED A REFUND OF THE FRAUDULENT CHARGES.

The rep assured me it was cancelled & I did receive a refund a few days later. Tonight while checking my card statement online, I see I was charged ANOTHER $29.95 for a service I was assured had been cancelled.


I used intelus 20 months ago at a cost of $0.99. Apparently they have been taken to court on numourous occasions for numorous scams.

They used pop ups to activate some identity protect back then, but since being taken to court have changed their website. They have taken 19.95 from my account w/out my consent for 20 months. Call me dumb, but when i noticed that they were doing this they had me for roughly $400. I did some research and called them, i told them that i had disputed the charges via wells fargo, contacted the washington district attornys office, and the better buisness beauro.

Needless to say, they said they would give me a one time courtousy fee and repay me ALL of the charges. I am willing to believe that part of their settlement out of court was to repay anyone scamed before they changed their website and stopped the popup scam. They just keep changing their scam and as long as incoming revenue is more than outgoing court costs then they will always be in the scam buisness.

Anothor failure of our incompetent government to protect private consumers, how about some jail time for the owner!? They made $154,000,000.00 in revenue this year.


WELL YOU SIR ARE A FRAUDSTER you must work for them!!!! Basically I should have read everything more clearly but I was fine with the first $19.95 payment but then another in 7 days...

and I said I wanted them to *** the second one since I didn't want it and didn't use it. So for costumer service they SUCK!

and I wouldn't recommend them for anything. And they could tell when I have been on and that I only used it one time!!!!


I just got off the phone with customer service and the same *** Thing happened to me. Wanted to look up one number and paid the .99 then get charged 19.95 for something I didn't want same day and then again in seven days of 19.95.

THEY wouldn't *** the money. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!

Poor customer service and they said it is clearly written on there website. VERY DECEIVING!!!


If you select a promotional price on the Intelius website, you will also receive a free 7 day trial of Identity Protect. After the 7 day trial, it will convert to a regular subscription and bill out at $19.95 monthly.

However, there’s no obligation. If you determine within the 7 day trial that you no longer want Identity Protect, you can cancel your service anytime, online or over the phone with a customer support representative.

Please call 888-445-2727 Monday – Friday 4:30am – 9:00pm PST. We will be more than happy to assist you with your account.


The best thing to do when buying anything on-line is read everything. Sometimes when people are in a rush they miss things and don't read notes on the account.

Its all there just have to read. And be nice to the call center people, they just take the calls not make up the web site or the rules.


to the person that is making all the rude comments go have a monkeys uncle.