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I signed up with Intelius to do a reverse phone lookup. It said the number was listed in their service, and for $4.95 I could read the information.

Once I put in my card information, I was automatically charged $9.90 and could not back out of the deal. When I tried, it automatically went into another service of their's for identity theft protection. It took a lot of tries to back out of this page.

Then I got an email saying it would take 48 hours to get the phone # information. I called my bank, and they said I could file a claim against the company, but would have little chance of getting my money back.

Don't use Intelius! They're a rip off!

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Flintstone, Maryland, United States #18203

Do you own stock in Inelius and web sites like yours are all scams that pray on baiting with false promisie.

and for the original poster, you can get your money back but must complain in writing to your credit card company. Lesson to be learned: if too good to be true (of these scam web site claims) it in NOT TRUE.

Porter Heights, Texas, United States #9947

I have been an investigator for sometime now and I have utilized as a tool only to point me in the right direction when information on a subject was limited. For the most part, they were pretty good BUT they were expensive.

Due Diligence requires me to verify the veracity of the records listed for a subject because, as previous comments have alluded to, records could be in error, listed because of name similarity, and for other reasons to numerous to cover in this posting. Nonetheless, I was pointed in the right direction and without due diligence research, the information would amount to nothing but public information. I don't utilize anymore, mainly because of the price. However, I was just referred to which was much more price-effective for the public information it provided.

If I found information that was in error, I always ascertained the reason why it was listed in the first place.

My advice to the public, if information listed on a public records search is in error, there are dispute venues (most likely a form) to get such an item in error removed, ESPECIALLY if the information in error is utilized for employment OR residential purposes. If an item does not show up that should be there, check first the source responsible for reporting & work your way up the ladder to the background information service provider.

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