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Look here is the deal i have seen very good complaints that have come up. Yet some are *** as f***.

Seriously why cant people read terms and conditions before they click something. Some places have membership if you don't cancel a trial. So be wary but dont get mad.

I say this because your kicking yourself in the *** because you did not read charges and conditions to the service you used. Now take in mind i am not talking of every complaint certain ones. For example the 19.95 Intelius charges you.

Okay you signed up for some reason or another but are pissed when you see a charge on your account a month later for 19.95. When it clearly says before you continue and i quote:

People Search Report

Includes all 3 Records for Sam Ferh in Clayton, NC.

Report includes when available:

Full Name Address

Age & DOB Phone Number

Relatives Address History

Avg. Income Home Value

Identity Protect Benefits

Identity Protect Includes:

* Monthly Credit Reports

* 24/7 Recovery Services

* Credit Monitoring

* Email Alerts

* Internet Scanning

* $25,000 Identity Theft Insurance

* 10% Off All Intelius Purchases

* Public Records Monitoring

* Real Time ID Theft Risk Score

* Much More

Offer Details:

Click "Continue" button to accept this special offer price and activate your trial membership to take advantage of the great benefits that Identity Protect has to offer. The membership fee of $19.95 per month will be charged/debited by to the credit/debit card you use today with after the 7-day trial. Special Offer only available to Non Identity Protect Customer. You may cancel anytime by calling (877) 974-1563 or visiting the "My Intelius" section of the website.

Additional Offer & Benefit Details | Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy


I'm saying to those who knew and can read in no way am i bashing on no one just getting tired of people being *** in the things. So stop being lazy read before you agree remember to cancel and suck it up.

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Some how they got my card # and stole money from me. My banks fraud dept and i are taking action. From the looks of things there gonna be getting a visit from the Feds.

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