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Some months ago I used the Intelius service to find a number for an old friend. Intelius has a one time use feature that supposedly costs six dollars. I chose this option and was able to get a number for my old friend whom I was subsequently able to contact.

However, they charged twelve dollars and ninety five cents to my bank account. I was OK with this because I was happy to have been able to make contact using the information I purchased.

Recently, though, Intelius ripped another nineteen dollars and ninety five cents from my bank account for a membership fee.

I am not OK with this and have written to them asking for a refund. There has been no response.

Monetary Loss: $19.

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I too am a victim of the intelius scam. I noticed a bogus charge for

$19.95 on my checking acct. and

google brought me here :(


I have been charged $19.95/month for 5 months for a service I never agreed to. I used them once and was told I would be charged $0.95 for my one time use.

I try calling, no one every picks up.

I have stayed on hold as long as 30 minutes. What can I do now?


I requested a refund for a 19.95 charge that I did not authorize. I was told that if it was approved the amt would be refuned in 7 to 10 business days.

I will give it that long, because I will still have plenty of time to

dispute it. I have already notified my bank, and am just waiting for the lasst few days to pass. (people out there you have 30 days to dispute the charge.

Don't let these people get by with this. Fraud is Fraud


Area code Eight Eight Eight


Here's the number for PM Identity:(888) 840-6301


I got scammed by Intelius too. Apparently, they are associated in some way with PM Identity.

It is PM Identity which charges the $19.95. I called them and made sure they ended my "Membership"


My comment is that intellius charged me a subscription I did not request and I want it taken off my bill!


they signed me up and took $19.95 out of my checking i had no idea they were going to charge me for. I only said yes to .95.

i feel scammed and don't want to be monitored any more, how do i get out of this now. i have no way to contact them to stop this.please help