Champaign, Illinois
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I ordered a simple reverse cellphone lookup from Intelius because they indicated that they had the name connected to a particular number. The lookup was listed as somewhere around $5.00. At this point, Intelius has informed me that the name is "Caller," though I'm willing to give them a little more time to complete the report.

However, I noticed that they although I only consented to the $5 charge for the phone number lookup, they also charged me about $20 for a "basic membership" that I neither wanted nor ordered. It looked like they were planning to charge me that every month if I hadn't noticed it and explicitly canceled. Even so, there was no mention of refunding the fraudulent initial "basic membership" fee that they'd already billed my card for.

After this experience, I googled Intelius and noticed that there had been a number of complaints about the fraud to the Washington Attorney General, and even some class action lawsuits. I guess I should have checked this out first, but it hadn't occurred to me that I stood to lose more than $5.

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I wanted to pay to get one person's info. They signed me up for full service and would not credit me. I wouldn't use them!


Happened to me too just this past week. They signed me up for a company's subscription service that I didn't know about.

All I did was look up a phone number for $1. Trying to get a refund from the other company that actually charged me.

Sent in a BBB complaint on Intelius. :(