I am a landlord, I paid intelius $50 for a background check, they gave me a list of about 20 people with similar names but not the correct person. They do no follow through and no check to see if it is the correct person, I even gave them the ssn for the person and they gave me no information and will not give a refund.

They said they would give me one free background check to make up and I gave them just a ssn ,they have not responded since, its been about 3 weeks and still nothing,at all.

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Spokane, Washington, United States #11161

I found interesting information on myself using that site-- apparently i am 5 years older than i am, have lived in Fresno (ive never even been there), and have 3 more relatives at my home than actually live there or even exist at all

How can they be allowed to sell this???????

Bellevue, Ohio, United States #6834


Intelius is nothing but a scam--offering at once to protect you from identity thieves when they are the major database putting out all kinds of sensitive & private information. This company is unethical & immoral & needs to be stopped!!

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