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I used Intellius for a people search and they didn't comply with service so was suppose to reimburse me for funds, which they did, But then kept charging my checking acct. for something I knew nothing about $19.95 for three months which kept my acct.

in the arrears and now will not make right $80.00 to take care of all overdrafts.

For Anyone wanting to use this site, I strongly recommend that you don't for they do not live up to their word. I am on a fixed income they took advantage of me I feel.

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Ya know though,
considering that fackt that they give the two prices, one cheap and one regular price makes me feel that you are idiots and should not be conductiong buisness on the internet if you are not smart enough to see what is in front of your face........


I think we should form a class action suit agaist them.

I ran into the very same challenge, cancelled online more than 5 times but I was still charged the $19.95, so I called the customer DIS-Service number below.

The woman I spoke with was very kind and understanding, put me on HOLD to resolve the problem...then she hung up on me.

It seems as perhaps it is time to follow the suit as in the class action suit suggested by Abby..

This company needs to be STOPPED...they are a FRAUD...with no concern for what they call customers, and ARE the ones we NEED protected from :(

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