I Used this Intelius for 2 reverse phone look up's $4.95 & $5.95 on 11/10/09 & low & behold I was automatically hooked up with Value Max & Twenty 4 protect, Charged my Acct $24.95 x 2 Value max & Twenty 4 Protect are the same Company. WHAT A SUPRISE THIS WAS, Plus a charge for $19.95 from ID Protect, I found out that ID Protect is the same Company as Intelius.

So BEWARE that $10.90 turned into $80.75 these additional charges all appeared at my Bank today 11/20/09 keep a look out if you have used this Inelius lately.

I had to shut my Acct down & Re open because of this fraudulent company. GOOD LUCK TO ALL

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report them to the BBB. :cry :upset


I also requested a a phone number look up with intelius, little did I know I would be charged 24.95 from twenty4plus, I also tried calling but they keep asking for an account number or phone number but no human contact. What a rip off


Thank you for your post. I too dealt with Intelius and received a charge in the amount of $24.95 on my debit card from twenty4proplus.

I changed my debit card number and contacted my bank who are investigating the charge. My statement for the charge included a phone number 888.337.4295. I called the number and received a recording requesting my account number or my email address or mt debit card number! What account number?

To add insult to injury, all the data I received from Intelius was invalid. What a rip.

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