This company plays the usual tricks to get you to sign up for a trial. They then charge your CC for 19.95 and refuse to refund or even respond to email.


Total Scam.

You then need to contact your bank to try and have the charges reversed. Also, data they have is old, outdated, limited or useless.

Also, their auto-generated emails that you get when you sign up for the trial are deceptively worded to make it look their will be no charges to your credit card.

Do not waste your time and money here. Find another source.

Monetary Loss: $19.

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Mr. James, you are obviously an intelius.com troll.

When I signed up with intelius.com, in order to find old classmates for our 20 year reunion, I did not sign up for Valuemax123.com. According to the Valuemax representative, when I signed up with Intelius, I filled out an online survey that entitled me to a $10 discount. By filling out the survey I was automatically enrolled for Valuemax's monthly service charge. I don't know how that is possible since I don't fill out online surveys.

So, to call people "blind" and "ignorant" for falling victim to this scam is clearly inaccurate. I graduated *** laude from an ivy league school. I think I know how to read.

There was never any indication that I was accepting a membership for a service that I have never heard of until I noticed the charge on my monthly credit card statement. This is fraud and I have filed a complaint with the Department of Justice's internet fraud division.


THanks for the info!!!!....SO which on line company can anyone recommend to track down an old friend


So whenever I use anything on the internet I am careful as to what I sign up for.

After viewing the Intelius offers, you have to be nearly blind or just plain ignorant to miss the offer that people say they cant see. Come on I ordered a report, and it told me three separate times what I was being charged for , Pay attention consumers!

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