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I paid for a reverse phone number search through Intelius and got four peoples names with the number; non were the current person with the phone number. When I got my credit card bill in January is got charged $19.95 for some type of credit protection service and was also charged in December.

I did not request this membership but somehow they have tied it to the phone number search. After calling and cancelling the membership they credited me for January but would not do anything about the charge in December. Wish there was some way to send them a terminal computer virus into their scam system.

They are not in business to give you information but in business to scam you out of money. the lady could not even tell me what was included in the protection membership I was charged for.

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My stepmother was in the same situation as you sadly to say! I helped by contacting intelius to report what happened...same scenario...they had no clue.

My stepmother had to cancel her credit card in order to stop any ongoing charges hit against her!

Beware of this very shady business...THEY ARE DECEITFUL AND OUT TO STEAL YOUR MONEY! The BBB should be contacted immediately.

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