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Intelius Is A Huge Waste Of Money

I will make this brief. Intelius background checks are a fraud. They call themselves the most accurate check system. Odd, because i lived in Ohio for nearly 22 years and they couldn't find a single residency nor could they find a single job. It cost me 33 bucks and they have a no refund policy. Because, they say that the information is no always correct or accurate. They told me that they are sorry they could not find it and figures it is because i only 4 years on the record. Which is bogus. I payed taxed for all those years and they say they cant find it and i dont get a refund. EVERYONE, do not go to this site. You are better off going through the courts. This company is a jip and will rip you off to fill thier pockets. They are not accurate and shouldn't even think about calling themselves that.
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I agree that intelius is a huge rip off. They don't tell you that everytime you want to view your report after paying the money for it, they charge you just for looking at it.

The people that work for intelius that I've spoken to were rude and not at all helpful. One time I did a search, tried to charge me for a membership which I never ordered.


Does anyone have the phone # for these people or know how to cancel this "membership"? Please help


I tried to find information on someone and paid $4.95 then they enrolled me in a membership. The search I made was a failure -I got NO information and complained about that.

I repeatedly asked on the website to take me off their membership, I am not interested. They took no notice. Very clever. If you operate on their website, you have no paper trail.

These guys are VERY clever scam artists and they operate within the slim margins of the law.

You ask for a supervisor on the phone, you get a similar person who is more literate. That is the only difference.


i tried finding someone that I only had a last name for over a year, The other day I readd an article in the local paper and it gave a first name a nummbered street in a

nearby town to the one I was searching. I looked in the phone book one more time with no results.

I live in an area where the county post on line the tax records.

I match about 50 names line by line, and I found the person! Never give up!


Not to say you weren't wronged by the company, but I used Intelius everyday at work for two years "a lawfirm" and didn't have any issues. And they even refunded our money when they were unable to get the correct information. Did you ever try calling them for a refund? I do agree it is pretty expensive for just one report that is why much better deal for the monthly plan. Back then they didn't have the credit watching thing your forced to sign up for nowadays

Most searches were in Missouri and Illinois don't know if that has anything to do with it either. :)

Any Questions: tech atyo u@y ah oo.c o m Spaces are in e-mail address so bots can't spam me to death remove them if you e-mail


the thing is :"if intelius cannot be trusted , can anybody recommend me an other sites that can? i really ned to find someone


at home page go to top right hit

my intelius > services > view dashboard > cancel my account

pay attention to what you click from there to make sure it takes your cancelation


I just went to the website to cancel my account, and I had basically the same experience as MJ in January--it was claimed that the service would end on November 24th. Already warned them that if I see the charge again, I would take legal action. For the time being, however, I'm content to wait and see.


I have to agree regarding Intelius. I made a complaint to them because they listed an unknown person as a relative, and their reply, which they made very difficult to forward to anyone else, was that their information was taken from public records, and if we didn't like it, we should take it up with the public record keepers.

I should mention that the other person's name would have come right after ours in an alphabetically ordered list, so it just looks like really sloppy work on their part, but I didn't appreciate the story on gang violence that came up when I Googled the other name. So I talked to my son, who is a public lawyer, and he told me that no one believes Intelius anyway.

I have done some interviewing and hiring myself, and I have never used a source of this kind, because better sources for people in my profession are available, but I certainly wouldn't use them to screen anyone, knowing what I know at this point, and I will make a complaint to public officials about companies of this type putting inaccurate information on the web and then refusing to correct it. You can make a complaint to the Better Business Bureau, as well, and the BBB will at least give them a difficult time about their behavior.


This site is such a cheat. I can't cancel, even from the how to I cancel contact us page linke.

It just redirects me back to the home page.

It didn't even give me the information I was looking for. Someone please tell me how to delete my account with Intelius.

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Bellevue, Nebraska

Intelius ripped me off and they'll do it to you.

I wanted a background check on someone I'd met online and didn't trust. I used Intelius. It turns out that the low prices quoted by Intelius are a come-on. Every tiny smidgen of extra information will cost you at least an additional $5 bucks, and the info is woefully outdated. NOW I can't stop Intelius from sending me monthly emails. Not only are the subject lines blank, the body of the email appears to be encrypted. I have asked them to stop but they won't. And although there is a toll-free line to sign up for service, you have to make a toll call to contact customer service. I swear to God, don't even go to their website. It's like a spider's web. They will NEVER stop sucking the blood out of you.
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Little Silver, New Jersey

Charged $50 for wrong info. Won't follow through

I am a landlord, I paid intelius $50 for a background check, they gave me a list of about 20 people with similar names but not the correct person. They do no follow through and no check to see if it is the correct person, I even gave them the ssn for the person and they gave me no information and will not give a refund. They said they would give me one free background check to make up and I gave them just a ssn ,they have not responded since, its been about 3 weeks and still nothing,at all.
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I found interesting information on myself using that site-- apparently i am 5 years older than i am, have lived in Fresno (ive never even been there), and have 3 more relatives at my home than actually live there or even exist at all

How can they be allowed to sell this???????



Intelius is nothing but a scam--offering at once to protect you from identity thieves when they are the major database putting out all kinds of sensitive & private information. This company is unethical & immoral & needs to be stopped!!

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Spokane, Washington
I mpaid $15.00 for a 5 yr old ph number. they say unpublished numbers will be provided, that's a croc-o-poo. And customer service is a misnomer. UNintelius you stink. Sure they have a "terms and conditions that takes too long to read carefully, and is...
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