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Cancelling your Intellius account

First, if you are lucky enough to get someone live on the phone, make sure you are very specific. I had to call twice because when I called the first time to cancel the account, I didn't ask for a refund. I assumed that if I canceled my subscription in the beginning of the month, I'd get a refund or at least a prorated refund. When I saw a newly posted charge on my credit card, I called back and got my refund. Again, don't assume they will refund your money just because you cancel your account.
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not what i thought it would be


If you're on any search website and the "Powered by Intelius" shows up, stop immediately. I searched for several people believing it was costing a couple dollars each.

It took 2 months to get them off my credit card. Even then, I had to get the credit card company involved.

Neither People Search nor People Finders found any of four people. I spent about $250.00 for nothing.


I would like to cancel My People Search with intelius please as of today December 22, 2011 and would like to thank u for sevice. ROSA EATON.




plese delete my acount


i'm so pissed. used them as a referal for someone.

to get a background check on myself for a state job knowing that i had a criminal report. and nothing came up.

i then ask for a refund and they would not give one to me. what do we do?

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Buffalo, New York

Unauthorized account access

I too used Intellius for a one time use and somehow this company has my account information and was taking the monthly fee. The call lasted approximately 60 seconds, the rep # 26192 told me the money would be in my account within 5 business days. She advised me that I apparantly didn't uncheck a box which gave me 10 days of free service with this company, after the 10days if I don't cancel it they will bill me $19.95 a month. I don't believe I ever saw such a thing on the screen. I will never use Intellius again.
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I am just outraged that this company is able to get away with this. I too have been being charged $19.95 a month since February and didn't even know it.

I didn't think I needed to check my account for fraud but apparently this company preys on people like me. I used the peopl in january and payed $2.95. Looking back on my e-mails i found one from 'Privacy Matters Identity' and assumed it to be SPAM so i didn't bother with it. Little did I know that Intelius (People Search) is the client of PMI and they work together.

Who could possibly know that?

This company is horrible and I will continue to check with others who have been scammed and am thinking about taking up a case with The Attorney Generals office. If anyone else is interested, let me know.

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Waukegan, Illinois


Let me start by saying that Intelius has some of the worst customer service I have ever experienced and I find their general approach to be confusing and unethical. Intelius is guilty of bait and switch in my opinion for claiming to offer “Home & Value Details,” and then attempting to upsell the actual details. Worse, their dubious criminal records check made me think that a prospective tenant had a criminal record when in fact the person with the criminal record was an unrelated individual. Finally, their customer service showed zero respect or empathy and simply repeated “we don’t do refunds” like a mantra and didn’t even seem to understand (nor care) about the problems I was having. I documented the entire thing at - if you agree then please share the review.
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I wish I'd found this site before spending $50 for nothing. All of the information was either incorrect or VERY outdated.

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Washington, District Of Columbia

Intelius stealing my credit card number

I have been a victim of intellius corp. I used a property search site which was supposed to be just a charge for 5.95. Now I have two 8.95 charges from Intelius and a 4.95 charge for an intelius subscription of which I have no clue what they are for. I contacted my credit card company to dispute the charges and they changed my account number. Then two days later I notice two more charges for a value club for 19.95 and AP Healthplan for 19.95. Both of which are fraudelant. I don't even know my new account number because my new card has not come in the mail. this is crazy. Help!!
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Baltimore, Maryland
I am so pissed! I check my acct. this morning and I have an unauthorized activity on my acct. from a company called Valuemax.....shown as "ap9* valuemax-v" on my acct. After a long morning of being on the phone I realized that this was taken out of my acct....
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I have been charged for almost 4 years from this company! It is my own fault for not checking my bank account more clearly, but I would like to take the strongest actions possible against this company!

I will look into filing a report with the FBI. any other suggestions welcome

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Minneapolis, Minnesota

Intelius is a scam

No doubt the whole world now knows these guys are just a scam. See Looking at a number of online blogs and consumer site, lots of people say that the people at Intelius deserve t be in jail. Read the information and decide for yourself. But it appears clear that this firm is a consumer rip-off and should be avoid. How cold people at Intelius go to work everyday knowing that their firm is apparently engaged in the systematic theft form consumers?
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I have been ripped off for over $700.00 by intelius since 2008. It was just recently brough to my attention that they have been carging nearly $20.00 a month on my credit card for"ID protection , and to look up people".

I hav never authorized any such charges or services nor have I received anything from them. I have never received even so much as a statement! I did not authorize any of this. I finally got someone from intelius on the phone and they said theywould have their fraud unit investigate it.

Hah! I don't think they even have a fraud unit!

They said they would refund my charges, but I will not hold my breath. I think a class action lawswuit would be a good idea.


They have made it vary hard to contact them. They say on the phone answering machine "Manage your account at"

When I go there, (There is no link on the home page--that is bad enough)they will not enter me into "my account" unless I again offer all my information, credit card numbers etc.


I did go through my CC to cancel the charge, let's see what happens. WHADDALOTTA BS!


These people running this site should all be thrown in jail....ALL THEY REPRESENT IS A BIG-L I E!!!!!!!! Went to thier website and paid 19.95 for a "FREE 7 DAY TRIAL", following monthly membership w/"UNLIMITED PEOPLE SEARCH, REVERSE CEL PHONE LOOK UP"....ect.


Goto ***, "Intelius". :( :sigh :x :x


please provide an email address or current phone number for intelius, as I cannot reach them, although I prev cancelled with Shppers Adv. and membershipsvcs 24ProtecPlus, but still am billed $ 19.95 by Intelius ??

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San Rafael, California

Intelius charged my account without any permission for account protection!!

I paid for a reverse phone lookup, and did get it. then, I got off line. Now I see that I was charged $19.00 for Credit Card Protection, which I never agreed to or ok'd. I emailed them, they said they would "look it over" and get back to me, but haven't so far. Now, I see that they are planning to charge me again, on September 30, 2008, I guess for another $19.00!! I again email them and told them I did not order this service nor was I interested I have gone round and round with this company before and should have known better. I'll never use them again, and have warned my credit card company what is going on. Best of luck to the rest of you. I am so angry!!!!!
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They are closed now but I can I cancel online now or do I have to wait till Monday.


They just did that to me!!!! I just paid the time charge of $5.95 and I just got charged yesterday for the 19.95 without my permission for was I aware that I was going to be charged for this!!!!


intelius did same thing to me


They did the same thing to me! I paid $1 to have them look up one phone number and they have charged my account for $19.95.

They do not pick up their customer service phone.

I am turning it over to my credit card company. Very, VERY annoying!!


It appears the same thing happened to me. I paid for a one time search and now have a monthly $19.95 charge for who knows what on my credit card. I wish I had checked this site before I used them.


Intelius did the same thing to me. You can suspend your account online.

I'm not sure if it's going to work to keep them from charging me again, but it's at least worth a shot.

Log in to the Intelius site, click on Manage Account in the top right corner, and then on My Intelius on the left side.

Click on Identity Theft Subscription and scroll down until you see something about suspending your service. It's at least worth a try.

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Reston, Virginia

Intelius is getting worse

yesterday my wife ordered a $.99 report on their site we were charged the $.99 then $19.95 for an identity protection plan we did not order then they used our credit card number at another site a value max 123 which we have never heard of and they charged us another $19.95 for no reason. How is this company still in business and why has no one started a class action lawsuit against them if interested in doing so sign me up i can be reached at fsr.pjohnson@***.com. companys like this need to be shut down.
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I work at a class action law firm and we are investigating this issue with Intelius. I am interested in talking to people and hearing about their experiences. Please contact me at abby1100ny@***.com if you’ve had problems with Intelius or if you have any questions on this investigation.

Thanks, Abigail.


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Sikeston, Missouri

Intelius ripped me off and will not refund my mones

Intelius ripped me off, gave out my card to another rip off company without my permission. I have not received any useful information from anyone at Intelius who seem to be connected to or own too many scam look up site. One can understand incorrect information, however these people appear to be scam atris who take and share your money and information with their cunterparts at will. Why are they allowed to run these scam sites with so many complaints and proof of fraud? these sites are all over the web with negative complaints? IT's ok if they steal?
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I work at a class action law firm and we are investigating these claims against Intelius. We would like to hear from people who have had trouble with Intelius. Please email me at abby1100ny AT yahoo DOT com




I too was ripped off by But, I'm doing something about it. I filed a complaint with the Dept Of Justice as well as the Attorney General.

I also put a block against them so that they can't use the card again. I strongly suggest that everyone else who has had the same issue file a complaint with there governing agency.

Mark Kaufman.

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Saint Louis, Missouri

Intelius ripped me off.

I paid ONCE for ONE people search, and ending up getting charged EVERY MONTH for many months. It wasn't until yesterday that I discovered this fraud. I am very angry and if there is a class action lawsuit in play, I will join it. This company must be stopped. I then Googled Intelius, and found that they have taken a dizzying amount of money from a great deal of people, all of whom are likely going to swarm like bees on them. I hope Intelius goes down in flames and is buried right next to InfoSpace. At the very least, the founders should be jailed.
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Ya know, i am so glad i have read your reviews and comment about Intelius Company.

I have been lookin for a dear friend of mine for several months. I normally dont do these sites ever, but loss of contact resulted from long hospital stay to home of bills pialed up.

So needless to say im desperate and in looking around. This horrible company presented itself with a 99cent report. From what I can see, they have the right information in regards to receants addresses ect ect... I KNEW IT WAS TO CHEAP TO BE TRUE. You people will stop at nothing. I didnt even loose any monies. BUT I will not submit my credit card info and be ripped off for who knows how much.

THANK YOU for you comments, there starting to pay off. I will find my friend only with a rep company that deserves my bussiness and produces results. Not bleeding there own dry. GOOD LUCK with staying out of JAIL


My husband had been running up his charge card, so one day I cut it in to pieces. A few months later after having paid it off, I found two charges for identy protection which we had not signed on for.

My husband canceled the card to avoid it happenning again. Yesterday, we received a letter from our insurance company letting us know they were going to be raising our rates because of one of their reports. They are collecting the information and then charging our credit cards for a service we never ordered.

They are suppose to be in the business to protect us from this sort of thing. If someone has a stocker, they can track you down with this information.



to call them gangsters is to insult actual gangsters



I never signed up for this service and discovered I had been paying for this for four months!!

I called them on their 800 service number but was placed on hold for long period of time....I was on hold one day for over two hours and finally gave up....!! I have yet to be able to contact them....they also would not respond via e-mail.

This people are nothng but GANGSTERS.

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Portland, Oregon

Intelius - I won!!!

Today I checked my bank account and found my money had been returned to my account by Intelius. I didn't have to wait that long....I contacted my state Attorney General, the Washington State Attorney General, BBB, my bank and they wrote to them, called them and ultimately my money was returned, all I had asked from them was a one-time people search and suddenly I became a paid subscriber. I suggest strongly anytime one of these scam factories starts taking your money you immediately contact your state AG and the state they originate in - this will assist in helping others, possibly get their business to straight up or closed down. You can also contact your bank and talk about online fraud.
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How do comanies do it so easy these days!!! I called ValueMax123 and cancelled my membership to them.


:zzz Thanks! I'll follow up with refusing to pay the credit item and call my Att Gen.


Hey, I did read that bull when I was checking out and did NOT accept the $10 savings B.S. I thought "they are tricky, but I am smart." NOPE.

They still charged me for the $20 membership ***. (And gave my OTHER card number, debit card no less, to other internet companies which sucked a pile of money out of my bank account.)


dOOd.....this particular web site had a box that you check that stated they will send you an email for instructions on how to save $10 as you are checking out. If you checked yes for this email you are automatically signed up for a membership without even responding to the email.

THIS IS A RIP-OFF !!!!!! These people should be prosecuted and put in jail for stealing from innocent people......their consumers none-the-less. They are obviously trying to scam you with this and it should not be legal.

So dOOd, you make think this kind of abuse is ok but i think a thief is as low as you can get. :roll


Dude, like any other website, they throw in some advertising and trying to sell you more, and you like an *** clicked yes to it and got charged for it, read before you complain, otherwise according to you ALL online businesses should be closed. I don't vote for that.

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Los Angeles, California

Refused to give me back my money for reports i didn't want

i was looking for the addresses of 2 individuals. in order to get just the addresses, i was forced to also purchase a background check for each of them. i was also forced to purchase a 2nd 24 hour pass. when i called intelius dominic (ask me if i believe this is his name!) told me that these charges were non-refundable. he refused to let me talk to a supervisor. i told him i was angry because i had just spent $119.85 i didn't want to spend and i wanted a refund. i am unable to locate a mailing address so i plan to write the ftc and my local district attorney consumers' complaint department. dominic told me the only way i could get to a purchase screen for a background check was to do an advance search, which, of course, i didn't do. after my conversation with him, i went back and did screen prints of every screen on a name to show exactly what happened. copies of these will be going with my letter.
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My credit card was charged $49.95 for a report I never received. Is in dispute now.

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Pittsburg, Kansas
Intelius Background Check

Intelius: wrong price, unfound list, still chgd

7/29/08: Wanted to look up an "anonymous" number that called 3x at my work phone. Intelius said it would be $4.95, then their email said it would be $9.95. When I called, the person said I had "pushed a button" to indicate further service, but they would cancel the extra charge. Their next email advised the number could not be located and I would not be charged. A check of my charge account next day showed $9.95 charged. I filed a complaint, but only got another email requesting I call them. I have not gotten this credit back yet (1 week).
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Do not use this site. They were completely wrong about the info they sent me.

Do not get suckered like I did...

Although I was smart enough to cancel my credit card before anymore charges could be charged to it.

Pissed off too in Augusta GA.

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Cincinnati, Ohio

News story proves Intelius is a scam

For all of those employers and consumers that felt Intelius was a scam, it runs out you were right. The details of their fraud has been broken publically at: This was all one big scam aimed at maximizing revenues in order to go IPO--another big consumer rip-off by crooks that are expert in manipulating the system. The management gets to take the money and run and consumers and shareholders would be left holding the bag. Any consumer uisng this site needs to beware.
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I could not believe the information they are sending out to employers and others about me that is totally false. People they say I am related to I've never heard of, one room mate they gave "my" last name he became related to me I'll never know. Please tell me where they get this information and how may I correct it?


Intelius is a total scam. As a former employee, I can tell you that they are doing everything possible to get money out of their customers, and only change their techniques when they find they are getting in trouble.

The employees on the phones get no bonuses and are paid practically zip, while the big shots take all the money. If you want your money back, all you have to do is say you are going to dispute with credit card company, call the BBB or AG's office and they will give you back everything...that is their policy that the employees have to go by. They are in enough trouble and don't want to be reported again. Please don't yell at the customer support...just tell them you are going to dispute.

Like me, many are working there as they can't find a job anywhere else. I had to leave as I got so tired of being yelled at by customers that it was ruining my health.


Thanks for the information on Intelius after reading your complain I will not be using the web site. another scam out there is


Intelius is indeed a shady operation. I paid the .99 cents for one report and they have charged my VISA $24.95 for the last two months.

When I called the number on the VISA bill, it is a recording and you can't talk to anyone. The day I used them, I cancelled the monthly service on their web site. They ignore this. There is really no way to cancel.

VISA has the charges in "dispured" status at this time. These crooks should be shut down.

It is a disgrace. Their meal mouthed comments are a lie!!


I can't believe I did not look into your website and others to check out Intellius before I laid out $,99 to just get an address. I know I did not order ANYTHING else, but I got dinged with a $19.95 charge for some other products they were touting.

I cannot get the $19.95 back either.

This is not just a scam, it is fraud. I just hope people read these complaint sites before they do ANYTHING with this company.

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San Rafael, California

Same thing happened to me

I just found out last night that my credit card account had been billed 7 times with the same fraudulent charges through Intellius. I never signed up for Identity plus, or whatever else they were billing me $19.95 twice a month for. Fortunately they did not put up a fight at all. I figured they did not because they must do this type of thing all of the time. Something should be done. Look at how many people may not notice and be charged for something they never asked for. They need to be stopped. What can we do to prevent this from happening to others?
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Arlington, Virginia