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Gave my credit card number to another company

Intelius gave my credit card number to another company ValueMax and they have been charging my card every month for services that I did not sign up for or want. I had never even heard of ValueMax until they showed up on my credit card statement when I contacted ValueMax they told me they got my Info From a partner company Intelius. They each have scammed me for $20.00 a month for the last 2 months Im out $80.00 for nothing. I did use Intelius one time to find a highschool buddy and now they are charging my card every month for a subscription I did not want or sign up for. And the kicker is they are letting their partner company in on the action. THIS IS A MAJOR SCAM BEWARE!!!
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Yes the fine ,fine print that so many didn't see as well ive been scammed

2nd company is 24protectplus that they gave my card # too. A company who claims 2 protect you is srewing you needs complaint 2 attorney general!!!


The fine print said nothing about valuemax at all, Let alone authorizing payments to them. So dont open your hole about something you know nothing about

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Salt Lake City, Utah

Intellius, beware

intellius scam, ive only used it once and didnt really help at all, and untill now i couldnt get a refund instead they are continuously charging me every month after sending me an email that my account has been cancelled, scam,scam,scam,scam. i am very very pissed off with the way they operate, they should be banned. now i am trying to contact their phone but as expected no one is on the other end of the line. what a great service, they just want money out of you please beware, dont fall in their trap...beware..its a scam
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Dear Brooke and Bert,

I would cancel out your current credit cards, and contact your credit card company immediately to report this. This is fraud.

You will get your money back, and any other fees that were assessed will be refunded as well, including interest charges. Then, when the *** try to charge your credit card again hence trying to steal from you they can't!!

The joke is on them. Please do this today.


Consider using a virtual credit card# for online purchases.

Citibank allows you to generate a ONE time credit card # and you can even put a $ limit on it.

ie., I used Intellius to do a one time search on a phone number and I put a $5 limit on the virtual # that I generated.


I have had now the same thing happen to me. Not only did they sign me up for a monthly service without my knowledge but they also double charged me.

I am working with my bank to ban thier charges. I am also still waiting on the phone after hunting the number down. Been waiting for 20 minutes.

THIS IS A HUGH SCAM AND THEY SHOULD BE PUNISHED! Due to thier charges on my account I have monthly bills that are not being paid.

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Sydney, New South Wales

Bad phone numbers and unwanted memberships

I paid for a reverse phone number search through Intelius and got four peoples names with the number; non were the current person with the phone number. When I got my credit card bill in January is got charged $19.95 for some type of credit protection service and was also charged in December. I did not request this membership but somehow they have tied it to the phone number search. After calling and cancelling the membership they credited me for January but would not do anything about the charge in December. Wish there was some way to send them a terminal computer virus into their scam system. They are not in business to give you information but in business to scam you out of money. the lady could not even tell me what was included in the protection membership I was charged for.
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My stepmother was in the same situation as you sadly to say! I helped by contacting intelius to report what happened...same scenario...they had no clue.

My stepmother had to cancel her credit card in order to stop any ongoing charges hit against her!

Beware of this very shady business...THEY ARE DECEITFUL AND OUT TO STEAL YOUR MONEY! The BBB should be contacted immediately.

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Houston, Texas


On my second occasion I have requested info on an old friend and paid a fee. Both times I have recieved information with addresses that do not exsist and phone numbers that do not work. Need I say more ??? Joe On my second occasion I have requested info on an old friend and paid a fee. Both times I have recieved information with addresses that do not exsist and phone numbers that do not work. Need I say more ??? Joe On my second occasion I have requested info on an old friend and paid a fee. Both times I have recieved information with addresses that do not exsist and phone numbers that do not work. Need I say more ??? Joe
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Deland, Florida


The pretent to help you out, they have the information but they will charge usa monthly fee without you noticing/or accepting and if you decided to accept a disct amount you will be enroll and other things for additional charges of $19.95 per subscription and an additional $19.95 a month until you notice. Oh and neither company will give you your total refund only portion of it. I called them both and they have an attitude when answering the phones and they would not give you more information than "Ican only refund you one not both charges" they are the worst company I have dealt with derly r.
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Boca Raton, Florida

Tricked into services signup!

I used Intelius to look up a cell telephone number. Once they had my credit card they signed me up for two $19.95 a month services. When I called they said it was a condition for the SALE price they had offered for the phone lookup. They have a valuable service and don't need to resort to tricks and scams. Unfortunately this scam speaks volumes about their management. It is a very poor business practice to operate on deceit rather than concentrating on building a customer base and providing a service they are willing to pay for. I will NEVER use them again.
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Fairburn, Georgia


I wanted to have Intelius take all of my information off all of their sites. I went into the "contact us" catagory and was informed that I would have to fax a copy of my driver's license (making sure to blank out all the information and the picture -- all they needed was verification of my name and address). The number listed on the site NOT a fax number....425-974-****. I rechecked the number and redialed, but the number just rings. Any suggestions? They also say to send a certified letter if you're not comfortable with faxing, but provided no address.
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These people are way to hard to get a hold of. If you can find a number on the site (it is buried deep in the pages) they keep you on hold for 45 min or more, the message actually says be prepared to be on hold for AT LEAST 20 can try e-mailing them about your situation but I doubt they will get back to you.

Good Luck, Intelius SUCKS


I would never give these people any personal information. They are the biggest bunch of successful scammers I have ever dealt with. They steal millions from their unsuspecting customers I would be very careful giving them information and by NO means ever give them a credit card number.

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Estes Park, Colorado

Yep, stolen money from Intelius

Signed up for a one-time $2.50 deal with Intelius to find an old friend. Instead, Intelius began charging me $19.95 each month without my knowledge. I had a lot going on at the time and did not realize it until 5 months later when I finally caught them. They refunded only one month. They wouldnt answer their phones so it took me awhile to get them to stop. My Chase bank is looking into it now to see if there is fraud going on. If Chase does not find fraud, then they will not give me a refund. I am going to copy the complaints from this site and send to them. Thanx!
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Indianapolis, Indiana


Intelius scammed me too. I thought I was buying a one-time thing and they charged my bank account for all kinds of things I didn't agree to and gave my card number to companys i never heard of. I know I was lied to because I always take care to read every thing before I give out my information. They are misleading people and they will give out your bank information to other companies! The co-founder and ceo of intelius is Jain Naveen and Intelius top executives John Arnold, Kevin Marcus and Chandan Chauhan. Intelius its self made 88 million in 2007. Majors charges should be brought against this company.
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Yeah and i was gonna invest my money into this to find my "BABY MOMMA" but i'm glad i ran across this page first, thanx guys P.S. if yall hear about a company such as this that wont rip you off e mail me.


Intelius offers a special price if customers agree to try our Identity Protect service for a 7 day trial. You can cancel anytime, online or over the phone at 888-445-2727. After the trial, the service is $19.95 a month until canceled.


Being a retired police detective and now a private investigator, I was hard by this company too. They are a scam and a rip off and will charge you credit card with service you never authorizes. If you have been scammed by the company, conatct your attorney general and the BBB.



This company is corrupt and dishonest! They should be closed down immediately!


I just became aware of fraudulent charges to my debit card tonight, and after checking out my credit card as well to see if I had problems there, I discovered a second, unapproved charge from Intelius. I have figured out that the "identity theft protection" service that I thought I was very careful to decline when I made my original ninety-nine cent purchase from Intelius (to get info for a lost dog I had found), is now kicking in at a twenty dollar a month charge.

This sent up the red flag for me that the bizarre internet company charges that were fraudulent on my DEBIT card were probably originating from these criminal bastards. Yeah, they monitor your card info so good they steal it and give it to other companies to suck money out of your bank account. Lovely.

Ready to join the class action suit. So, if you are complaining about Intelius charges on your card, check your OTHER cards NOW!!!

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Andover, Minnesota

Never rec,d reports from intelius

intelius i ordered a report never got it i tried 2 more times and was charged 3 times and still no reports.i am very angry they lead you to believe they are the best at getting reports and the consumer winds up with zip and charges for items they never recieved .i want to cancel my account immediatly and get a full refund for my 3 attempts. i used them before a while ago and i thought they would have their act together i was mistaken i will certainly discourage anyone from using them they are a waste of time and money
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Stamford, Connecticut

Charged for unwanted membership.

Some months ago I used the Intelius service to find a number for an old friend. Intelius has a one time use feature that supposedly costs six dollars. I chose this option and was able to get a number for my old friend whom I was subsequently able to contact. However, they charged twelve dollars and ninety five cents to my bank account. I was OK with this because I was happy to have been able to make contact using the information I purchased. Recently, though, Intelius ripped another nineteen dollars and ninety five cents from my bank account for a membership fee. I am not OK with this and have written to them asking for a refund. There has been no response.
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I too am a victim of the intelius scam. I noticed a bogus charge for

$19.95 on my checking acct. and

google brought me here :(


I have been charged $19.95/month for 5 months for a service I never agreed to. I used them once and was told I would be charged $0.95 for my one time use.

I try calling, no one every picks up.

I have stayed on hold as long as 30 minutes. What can I do now?


I requested a refund for a 19.95 charge that I did not authorize. I was told that if it was approved the amt would be refuned in 7 to 10 business days.

I will give it that long, because I will still have plenty of time to

dispute it. I have already notified my bank, and am just waiting for the lasst few days to pass. (people out there you have 30 days to dispute the charge.

Don't let these people get by with this. Fraud is Fraud


Area code Eight Eight Eight


Here's the number for PM Identity:(888) 840-****


I got scammed by Intelius too. Apparently, they are associated in some way with PM Identity.

It is PM Identity which charges the $19.95. I called them and made sure they ended my "Membership"


My comment is that intellius charged me a subscription I did not request and I want it taken off my bill!


they signed me up and took $19.95 out of my checking i had no idea they were going to charge me for. I only said yes to .95.

i feel scammed and don't want to be monitored any more, how do i get out of this now. i have no way to contact them to stop this.please help

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San Francisco, California

Intelius and extra charges

About 3 months ago, I purchased a one time reverse directory phone number search. I did not ask for or want a monthly service. Nothing during the online process of purchasing the lookup said anything about getting a monthly service. The email receipt I received shortly thereafter detailed the reverse directory lookup I asked for but said nothing about a monthly service. However, for the last 3 months, they have been charging me for Monthly services and they have not yet responded to the email I sent last week to stop the service and refund my money. I do not recommend this company!
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Corcoran, California

Intelius - charged me twice for the history search I wanted.

I emailed Intelius and asked that they correct the double billing charge. I got a put it off return email and then I received no answer to my second email, no apology and no offer to correct and remove one of the charges. Intelius does not give a *** because they got their cash. I wanted a address history and got it. I asked for a job history and they gave me the address history again. The email of explanation got me no where. I got a boiler plate "tough". And I was a member and thought I would get decent service and nice discounts. Don't fall for it; it's not worth it
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Austin, Texas

Intelius is a huge scam - Never use them!

Pretty much everyone has mentioned everything about the company. I bought one phone number look up with them months ago for $9.90 and they keep billing me monthly for $19.95 for indentity subscription which I never agreed to. I have called their customer service and after several calls and waiting on hold, I got through. They will only refund me one $19.95 charge! I am so angry. I realize what they do.. they automatically sign you up for their free trial of indentity theft monitoring that will expire in a week. Most people think, "Ok after a week, I can decide if I want to sign up for this thing.." They don't realize intelius will start charging you after that one week regardless... and even if people pick up on the scam before the week finishes, you can never get through on the phone to them since they hang up! I did close my account with my cc because of this and I hope this will solve the problem. Please never do business with intelius. It is NOT worth it just to look up that one phone number. You will regret it if you do business with them.
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The same exact thing happened to me for two months and the phone number would never work and finally i had to email them threating to sue them and everything and the finally refunded my two fees for 19.95 but it should have never gotten to that point any way

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Reston, Virginia

Please never use intelius they tried to scam me and when it came to my attention i went straight and

I was trying to get a phone report and was charged 4.99 they charged my credit card and they were going to try and hit me up for 19.95 charge that I didnt even ask for . They said they would refund my money . I didnt believe them after reading the negative respones from here cancelled my debit card and got a new one so they cant rip me off like they have done others or tried to . I have used them in the past and have not had any problems but I didnt want to take the chance
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I too went to Intelius to get an email address and be charged $1.95. Wasn't a valid address that they gave me anyway.

Suddenly, I see $19.95 for Identity Theft Protection that I didn't sign up for. Seems I need protection from Intelius.

Called the bank and am being reissued a new debit card. A temporary pain but worth the peace of mind about this company and it's affiliates!

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Dallas, Texas