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Yes they auto signed me up for 19.95 for a premimium subscription. The site had two checkboxes for 39.99 With subscription to intellius special offer (Which smelled like an auto subscription so I opted for the 49.99 regular price background check).

After putting my credit card info in and reading all the text to make sure I wasn't being signed in to an auto subscription bogus service I clicked show me my report The bill they showed me was for 49.99. I clicked passed it and another screen came up and told me to enter my email address to finish the transaction. I entered my email adress.

I entered it to finish then the cite started acting busy and out of the courner of my eye I looked to the right and lower portion of the screen and saw *** like "By entering your email address you aggree to a montly subscription fee of 19.95 to intelious primium for your. blah blah blah" I'm like wtf I couldn't cancel anything.

There was no check box to opt in or out of. Just a fast one that acted like they wanted my email to send me a report too. Its a flat out "Enter your email here to see the background check you ordered" That some how "constitutes a signed agreement for a premium service." I mean that was the whole reason for me to click the regular price option so I woulden't get this "Special offter with a premium subscription for Intelius".

I'm calling the bank tomarrow for a fraud charge of 19.95. This is an *** thing to do.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Location: San Antonio, Texas

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Intelius offers a variety of services during the purchase process.

Memberships can be activated through either the acceptance of discounted pricing for individual reports, or through the acceptance of a full page offer advertised just prior to viewing the report. All of our offers describe the specifics of the service, including billing. Additionally, all of our services are non-contractual so there is no obligation to continue using the service.

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